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*Wholesale* Shave Gel and Oil

*Wholesale* Shave Gel and Oil

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What the Pros say:

"Some of my Clients will never be waxers. I love showing them the proper way to keep smooth when they do shave at home." 

Replenish the shave kits with the parts that make your shave the best it can be.

Change the WAY you shave and you will get get a new result. Bikini Kitty has tested and re-tested her methods with many a human volunteers and the results are in; shave the Bikini Kitty way and you will eliminate ingrowns, rash and irritation from your Kitty bits!

4oz Shave Gel= 4 months home use / 100% Markup = Retail $15+

Is it for me?

Retail replenishment for your non-hair removal clients.
Clear, non-foaming shave gel and blade oil.

How to use

For your Clients who shave: see to shave gel with easy rinse from blades. Blade oil to buffer and ease glide to decrease irritation.

Ingredient List

Shave Gel:

Blade Oil:


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