Never suffer an ingrown hair again.

Natural, organic and effective fruit & sugar acid skin care that targets sensitive hair removal areas to prevent & treat ingrowns.

Get a better shave without the bumps.

Get your next Wax or Sugar with less irritation.

Effectively treat acne & skin discoloration as well!

Our products are:

Ingredient driven

Effective, natural and organic ingredients that actually target the issues. Target the problems that come with sensitive area, hair removal, without harsh or drying ingredients.

Free from

Our products are free from: Aluminum powders, Formaldehyde, Fragrances, Hydroquinone, Mineral Oil, Parabens, Phthalates, Retinols, Rubbing Alcohol, Talc.

Easy to use

Hair removal can lead to bumps, rash and ingrowns. Dead skin builds up daily. Fight back daily:

A quick 10 seconds to treat morning and night will keep skin smooth and bump free. Hair regrowth can be kept on track, not ingrown.