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Aromatherapy Sexual Health- Kat Nip & Fetch

Aromatherapy Sexual Health- Kat Nip & Fetch

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Who loves ya, baby?

This secret of fragrant foreplay can be all yours! In ancient times, people often used sensual mix of natural scents to enhance love and lust. Bikini Kitty has brought together the specific set of aromas that appear to be particularly stimulating for sexual arousal. A magical mixture of sweet and spicy and has been shown in several controlled studies to increase blood flow 'down there'. What you choose to do with that enhanced stimulation is entirely up to you!

Kat-Nip & Fetch do smell the same. They were created based on the research of Dr. AR Hirsch at the Smell and Taste Institute in Chicago. These studies showed and increased blood flow to the genitals by up to 32%. And this was a result even if the participant did not particularly ‘love’ the scent mix. It was a simple chain reaction deep in the brain.

How Aromatherapy works

    Is it for me?

    Do you want a subtle yet effective way to 'wake up' your private bits? Increased blood flow there can do several things: heighten sensitivity, sexual enjoyment and health, increase lubrication or aid in stiffness. Health or age related dryness can be improved even if 'Sexy Time' is not your main goal.

    Packaged in an unlabeled bottle. Product info on accompanying pack only.

    How to use

    Fragrance is like smoke, it rises. You'll want to put these dabs-of- desire below your nose: chest, breast, belly-button. This is aroma therapy, so you don't have to love the scent for it to work. It will still stimulate your brain (the largest sex organ) into a response for the lower one. If you want this 'love potion' to work on an intended... place it where you know they'll be - back of your neck, a bare shoulder or...

    Ingredient List

    Shake bottle to incorporate the natural extracts: *Soya Oil, *Aloe Juice, *Vitamin E oil, our own Proprietary *Spice Blend infused Vodka to emulsify extracts.


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