All about Bikini Kitty

Bikini Kitty products are natural, organic skin care for any hair removal area for the purpose of eliminating and preventing ingrown hair, irritation and rash.


Bikini Kitty uses natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids to break the bond of dead skin that can clog hair follicles and limit effective hair removal. And because Kitty knew it would take more than the magic in one little bottle to solve her issues, she added in superior physical exfoliation from her Spa Body Brush to target stubborn, curly hair along bikini lines and under arms.


Alternatives to Bikini Kitty include harsh & drying chemicals, expensive options or time consuming treatments. Bikini Kitty wanted to solve the problem of ingrown hair once and for all! Ingredients where reviewed, formulas where created and systems tested to get the BEST results possible!


Bikini Kitty has spent years in the beauty biz. Selling, training and reviewing products already out on the market. When new products came out and promised to reduce ingrown hair - Kitty read the labels, searched over ingredients and tried one product after the other.

In over 10 years of looking for the answer, she worked out what was needed to eliminate and prevent ingrown hair:

Exfoliate, exfoliate, shave well (or Wax!) and sooth...

So she made it!


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