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*Wholesale* Body Brush - Physical Exfoliation

*Wholesale* Body Brush - Physical Exfoliation

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What the Pros say:

“Dry body brushing is an amazing technique for overall health, but to eliminate ingrown hair, it's a fantastic hack!” -Margaret C. LE

Dry body brushing targeted areas prone to ingrowns is quick and easy and so effective. Clients should add this step of physical exfoliation to clear away dead skin and uncurl potential ingrowns. 

Small 3.5" Body Brush 100% Markup = Retail $10+

LG 9.5" Body Brush 100% Markup = Retail $16+

    Is it for me?

    Areas prone to ingrowns need real physical exfoliation. Dry brushing is as satisfying as it is effective. Get relief from the 'grow-back' itch and keep hair on track and NOT ingown.

    How to use

    Dry brush for a quick 5-10 seconds on DRY skin in targeted areas prone to bumps, rash and ingrowns. Fantastic for tight areas prone to ingrowns; underarms, bikini lines and neck shave areas.

    Ingredient List

    Natural fiber bristle brush. Wood or fiber wrapped handle. Washable. Bristles can be trimmed shorter for stiffer brushing action.

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