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Pro Only Pre-Pack Retail Kit - PLUS BackBar

Pro Only Pre-Pack Retail Kit - PLUS BackBar

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Pre-Pack with BackBar EXCLUSIVE Spa-Only Label: Bloomquist Botanicals

In-Spa Use Only

Get the perfect mix of a very approachable Retail $ for your Clients and 100% Mark-up for you! Daily, effective, easy to use home-care is VITAL to your Clients success with hair removal. It is also vital to your success as a professional. Your Clients will love you even more when you educate them to understand and support your services and their skin. 

You are a busy pro. We have put together 3 pre-packed kits. Created to offer you the mix of products we know are the perfect addition to your services. You'll never have to 'hard-sell'. Ask questions and educate. Don't let your Clients suffer an ingrown again!

It's simple science: Dead skin builds up daily. Active hair growth is coming back daily. Exfoliation is key. Physical dry brushing keeps things on track, not ingrown. Daily enzymatic spray clears the way to eliminate and prevent bumps, rash and ingrowns.

Is it for me?

Do you want to help your Clients never suffer an ingrown hair again? You know what they need to do for home-care. Yet they struggle to get into better habits. This mix of products will make a quick and easy fix for all. Natural, effective and efficient treatments to support your in-spa services. Easy retail add-on to any hair removal treatment.

How to use

Home-care products are to be used daily. Quick and effective exfoliation will keep hair re-growth on track and not ingrown. Clear skin will make your service quick, efficient and less painful.
Back-Bar First Aid spray: use to pre clean treatment area. Post treatment application will take the red out quickly while it calms and cools and speeds healing.

Ingredient List

See various products listing for ingredient details.

Home-care Exfoliation Duo Kit:
AHA/BHA Exfoliation Spray and Dry Body Brush

Home-care Intensive Spot Treatment - Deep 6:
Red Rooibos Extract, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, White Willow Bark Extract, Tea Tree, Lavender

Home-care Soothing Lotion:
Lightweight, deep hydration, gentle BHA with no fragrance

Back Bar Fist Aid Spray:
Aloe, Tea Tree, Lavender, Alcohol-free Witch Hazel extract

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