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Retail sales are good for you!

Re-connect for Wholesale by sending your eMail. We will tag you for access to the Pro Only catalog with Wholesale pricing.

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Exclusive ‘Welcome Back’ deals in March 1 - April 6, 2024

 Orders of $100+ ~get $35 OFF  as well as $25 credit towards your 2nd order placed before June 16 = Enter @ Checkout: PROsONLY/-$35@$100+
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Did you know about Bloomquist Botanicals?
Bloomquist Botanicals is ONLY available to Spas. Your clients will not find this branding online. Same great quality and standards as Bikini Kitty. Unisex labeling. Excellent opportunity to set your own price for mark up. See this option only in the Wholesale Catalog. Check out your options today!

Wholesale Shipping is accurate to your order. We will send you a request once your package is ready for Priority USPS Mail.

Business Details

Profit mark-up is 100% to suggested retail -or- set your own price.   Example: Your cost $9. each.  Suggested retail would be $18+. 

Wholesale discount applies @ 6, 12, 24. 36 pc.

There is no minimum dollar amount on orders.

Keep it fresh: 2oz and 4oz bottle sizes with an expected home usage of 2-4 months.

There is shipping charged on Wholesale orders. We use Flat Rat USPS Priority Mail.

Products are run in fresh, bi-monthly batches. Order turn around time is usually 5 biz days.

Branding Options

Bikini Kitty, Dirty Dog & Bloomquist Botanics: Same products different labels.

Bloomquist Botanicals is Spa Only, exclusive packaging. This labeling option is not sold online. You are free to mark it up as you like.

We also offer bulk product you can label with your own branding. Email us to find out more about this option.

Build Client Loyalty

Build strong loyalty and good home-care habits with skin care that promotes and protects your in-spa service. Teach your Clients something new. They will love you for it!

We don't compete with your in-person sales.  We don't undercut the suggested retail price.

Home care is perfect for an easy add-on to service bundles, seasonal promotions or New Client introduction packages.