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Core Product Duo
Intensive Spot Treatment
Shave Kit



2 pc Kits

Chick here: MEN'S Duo Kit

NEW DETAIL: Trim the SPA BODY BRUSH if you need a stiffer bristle!



Roll-On 1/3 oz $19.00




Full Body Shave Kits

Chick here: MEN'S Shave Kit

NEW DETAIL: Trim the SPA BODY BRUSH if you need a stiffer bristle!

Who's it for

Waxers/Razor Shavers/Electric Shavers:

Anyone with coarse, curly hair that needs the extra help with lifting hair from potential ingrown position.


What's in it


(2 or 4oz) EveryDay Magic Spray

Spa Body Brush


How to Use

Directions USE DAILY. Dead skin builds up on a daily basis. Fight back daily to keep skin ready for ANY type of hair removal.

10 Seconds to spray target areas PRE-BED for overnight exfoliation of dead skin.

10 Seconds of targeted, dry-skin, brushing PRE-SHOWER, for physical lifting of hair.

Used on target areas of the face and body, this dynamic duo will eliminate and prevent ingrowns, rash and irritation from any type of hair removal.

Can be used on FACE & BODY

Who's it for

Any spot you see fit to get rid of will benefit from the six tricks in Deep Six: Acne, Ingrowns, Scars as well as UV damaged ares (Sun/Age) spots.

What's in it

A convenient roller-ball glass bottle applicator puts the magic right where you need it.

Equal parts of Glycolic Acid, WillowBark and Organic Rooibos Extract are blended with the expert delivery of Castor Oil and then topped off with Lavender and Tea Tree Oil.


How to Use

Shake your bottle to full incorporate all six ingredients and then apply to clean, dry skin up to 4 times a day.


Who's it for

Infrequent Waxers -OR - Shavers:

Kitty knows that the WAY you are shaving is causing more harm than good!

Her Shave Kit covers what you don't know, you didn't know... Get all of Bikini Kitty's TOOLS & PRODUCTS for the optimal results from this NEW way to shave.


What's in it


(2 or 4 oz)EveryDay Magic Spray

Spa Body Brush

(2 or 4 oz) Smooth Shave Gel

1/3 oz Razor Oil



How to Use

HOW you shave is causing the problem! Bikini Kitty's Full Shave Kit will address all of the misguided blades, habits and actions that cause ingrown hair in the first place.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, shave well and sooth...

You'll have all the tools and knowledge you need to finally make a difference.

Replenish Exfoliation Spray
Replenish Shave Oil & Gel


Size and Type



4oz Gel 1/3oz Oil

Home or Travel Size
Who's it for

Shavers or Waxers will benefit from the enzymatic exfoliation of fruit and sugar acids that will break the bond of dead skin that will clog up any hair removal treatment. Willowbark, a Beta Hydroxy keeps pores clear while Aloe hydrates.

What's in it

A fine mist sprayer of natural Aloe base and optimal Fruit & Sugar acids for gentle yet effective exfoliation.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids for surface, water-based exfoliation of Bilberry, Maple, Magic, Lactic, Glycolic. Along with Willowbark a Beta-Hydroxy (oil clearing exfoliation) for in pore exfoliation. All of this magic is in a liquid Aloe base for deep, soothing hydration so skin can heal itself and stay strong.


How to Use

Spray everyday for smooth, enzymatically exfoliated skin.

Use once a day, just before bed, for best results. Can be used twice a day to eliminate ingrowns or rash.

Can be used face & body

Who's it for

The perfect way to save some cash on the items in your Bikini Kitty Shave Kit that will go the quickest.

Replenishment for shavers when you find that man in the house has used up all your product!

We offer a Wheat/Gluten FREE version of our shave gel in this kit.

Specify at order if you want this.

What's in it


4 oz Smooth Shave Gel

1/3 oz Razor Oil


How to Use

Replenish your shave kit with the parts that make your shave the best it can be.

If you change the WAY you shave - you will get get a new result. Bikini Kitty has tested and re-tested her methods with many a human volunteers and the results are in; shave the Bikini Kitty way and you will eliminate ingrowns, rash and irritation from your Kitty bits!

Who's it for

The most delicate skin is often the skin we abuse the most! Even the most sensitive of skins will be soothed with the magic in Bikini Kitty's healing, cooling, strengthening solution. Get the red out just after waxing! Heal just shaved skin. Sooth a sunburn - or treat abrasions without alcohol. Kitty has you covered!

What's in it

A fine mist sprayer of natural Aloe base and Witch Hazel cool and sooth. Tea Tree and Organic Lavender speed healing and lend a clean, fresh scent that can disinfect and refresh skin with out alcohol.

How to Use

Target delicate skin in the week before hair removal to strengthen it and make it less reactive. Use it post removal to cool, sooth and speed healing and quickly get the RED out... Perfect for lunch time brow waxings.

Can be used face & body for any of life's little traumas.

Tip To Tail


Super Smooth Scrub
Soothing Lotion


You can trim your body brush to make a stiffer, more exfoliating, bristle for better brushing results. Do brush daily!!

Face & Body Scrub
Face & Body Smoother Soother
Who's it for

Get the satisfaction you desire from a scrub! All of the grit and hydration yet none of the slippery oil that make most scrubs a traction hazard in your tub or shower.

Sensitive skins will appreciate the micro- smooth walnut grain - just don't push too hard... Tolerant skins will really dig the exfoliation that stands up to rough, dry parts.

Adjust your pressure for just your bits!

What's in it

This lotion based scrub will polish you to perfection. Micro buffed walnut powder does the job without scratching skin.

Choose from

Virgin= Non-Scented

Citrus= Bergamot, Orange & Lime

Spice= Cardamom, Vanilla & Ginger


How to Use

Double Down on this scrub to get the most with the least amount of product or effort!

Start with warm, dry hands and polish a small amount of scrub on dry skin, just before your shower.

Once in the shower, stay out of the direct spray but do add a bit of water to your skin and scrub once more! Sweet!


Who's it for

Reduce inflammation and clear pores with this amazingly light, yet deeply hydrating lotion. Willow Bark treats. Neem heals and Aloe soothes.

Anyone with freshly waxed, shaved or tattooed skin. It's the perfect cooling, soothing, treatment hydration.

Perfect for daily treatment for oily, acne prone skin.

What's in it

Real organic Aloe, Coconut, Jojoba and Vitamin E to hydrate and heal.

Treatment benefits of true Witch Hazel extract and Willow Bark reduce inflammation and clear pores for happy, clear skin.

Neem oil and Rosemary strengthen skin, making it less reactive and more able to withstand the punishments of daily life!

How to Use

This non-greasy, light weight lotion can be use head to toe. Use post wax or shave in delicate areas to calm, sooth and hydrate - the holy trifecta of care for eliminating and preventing ingrown hair and rash reactions.

For acne prone skin this is the perfect hydration plus treatment to help skin heal and reduce inflammation and breakout. Never harsh, never smelly, never sticky!

Down-There Powder
Smooth Body Wash
Body Smooth Kit
Silky Dusting Powder 2 oz
Powder Options:





3 pc Smooth Body Kit
Who's it for

Anyone in need of a silky slip on just shaved or freshly waxed skin... Put this calming chamomile infused, Talc-free powder 'down-there' - or anywhere.

Don't stick to your undies... Don't risk the chance of chaffing on your Kitty bits!!

Low dusting means this powder goes where you need it - not all over your bathroom or floor!

What's in it


2 oz Talc Free, Fragrance Free Powder

Bowl with Kitty sized puff


How to Use

This low dust powder can be dusted on with the Kitty sized puff included in all bare skin areas.

Perfect for a 'dry' band-aid on small nicks.

Underarms will benefit from its silky slip.


Who's it for

Anyone prone to 'chicken-skin'

Do you see the soap scum on your tub and wonder why it will not rinse away? Sulfates are great detergents, but they tend to stick around (and we use too much and don't rinse well enough).

Bikini Kitty will save you from the sulfates and still get you clean!

What's in it

A Sulfate-Free body wash that is the ideal wash to eliminate detergent build-up on body and in hair. Organic Aloe, Lavender and Chamomile will wash away all your cares.

The subtle, natural scent from various citrus extracts are enough to perk you up and not overpower. Sweet Blood Orange, Grapefruit and Lemon will brighten your mood while washing all of your Kitty cares away!

How to Use

This is an amazing 3-in-1 wash that can be used for hair, body and tub. The foaming action on this Sulfate-free product will be greatly enhanced with the use of a bath scrunchies or sponge.

Can be used as a shampoo, body wash and (low foam) bubble bath.

Who's it for

This is what you want if you have 'chicken-skin' on the backs of your arms, sides of your hips or just about anywhere!

Sulfate-free body wash and the power duo of Bikini Kitty's exfoliation treatment will get you back to smooth & silky in no time.

Invest in a Sulfate-free shampoo if you don't want to use up your wash.

What's in it


8 oz Summer In Seville Body Wash

4 oz EveryDay Magic Spray

Spa Body Brush



How to Use

Sulfates can cause residue that makes soap scum in your tub and bumpy 'chicken-skin' on you!

Wash with Summer In Seville for a clean, residue free bath or shower and then treat any bumps on legs, back of arms or back with Bikini Kitty's two step exfoliation treatment.

By  Jenny Block



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