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Slick, No-Nick Razor Oil review from Beauty Huile

February 2012

The No-Nick oil gives you the slip you need to easily cut hair and not scrape off skin, while the a drop or two of the oil is applied to the single blade razor to give a smooth shave across while leaving behind hydrated skin.


Be Sexy on Your Wedding Day

Weddings mean one thing these days—waxing! And Bare Down There is here to make sure you get those two important appointments in before the big event, and to make sure your honeymoon is “smooth” with Bikini Kitty aftercare. Bonus: With your two-appointment reservation, they’ll wax four bridesmaids at the regular price and do the bride for free!








Portland Picks

April 8 2011

Bikini Kitty’s Everyday Magic Kitten Spray, daily derma exfoliation for waxing and shaving. If you wax or shave this is the product for you! No more shave bumps or ingrown hairs! In a spritzer bottle like a toner. Works wonders.

Pro Model Jaimarie

Jet Set Exfoliation Duo =Pro Model, Jaimarie









The Demolition Spray is simple and effective. I used it one night where I had some minor shaving bumps and the next day they were, to my surprise, completely gone.

Dirty Dog Review=Derek



The key to getting a good trim at home is to have the right materials -- a sharp razor or reliable wax, a good exfoliator, and an anti-bump solution like Bikini Kitty. No matter what your style, razor bumps are not sexy.

Express Duo=Jenny Block


July 1,2010




June 2010



It’s a total self confidence boost when you don’t have to worry about bumps and redness in a bikini or panties.

Shave Kit= Lush


March 2010



Let us let you in on a few secretes: Aestheticians advocate exfoliation as the key to achieving the best waxing results- the Waxy Kitten Kit has two of the best exfoliation treatments available.



Express Duo=Z Spa


Using exfoliation techniques before and after your professional waxing appointment will give you smooth and sexy results. What’s even better? Waxy Kitten’s exfoliation ingredients are all natural so they are purr-fect even on sensitive skin- no alcohol, no salicylic acid.







I’ve been using the Bikini Kitty Clean Up kit for over a week now and I have to say it’s pretty remarkable.


This stuff is amazing and works wonders on all of my sensitive areas (i.e. arm pits and my sacred region). I’ve also been using these products on my legs too, and my skin couldn't’t be happier!






FEB. 8, 2010

NOVEMBER 10, 2009


The second we saw this all we could think: His and Hers Gifts!

What could be more perfect for your Eco-conscious beauty gurus than a toxin free organic and vegan shaving kit – spa grade that can be used in the privacy (and fun) of their own home.


Well, Bikini Kitty has just thought of everything (those clever felines…). Hopefully your gift basket included some Kat Nip (for her) and Fetch (for him) - their Aromatic Aphrodisiac.



MARCH 17, 09

A full line of smooth body treatments for the elimination and prevention of ingrown hair and bumpy ‘chicken-skin’.


Paraben-free solutions that will address shave bumps, waxing irritation and generally bumpy skin.


FEBRUARY 7, 2009


Favorite Moment: shaving after using the No-Nick Razor Oil - "this really made a big difference".
One Week Later: "After using the kit 3 times, I have not had any bumps or ingrown hairs. I also like the smell, it's very clean and natural."




Friday, Jan 23, '09


All we know is that we must take measures to spice things up.


Enter: Bikini Kitty’s Kat-Nip. It’s “a sensual mix of scent to enhance love and lust.” You just dab a little on your abdomen (trust us) and the scent inspires him to passion. Yes, please.

"I could’t believe how well that one little razor blade worked in conjunction with Bikini Kitty’s Shave Gel. Wow."



Jan 12 '09

Feelgood Style




"This is the perfect kit to have if you are planning a beach trip, a romantic rendezvous, or for that intimate evening for two…like Valentine’s Day that’s right around the corner"



Oct 10 '08

Soulful Beauty




"I was really pleased to receive the very cute Bikini Kitty Clean Up Kit to try, and it's true that I'm just a sucker for new and interesting beauty products in pretty packages because I can never seem to get enough.




"Ingrown hair is common in African American males and in men with curly, thick hair.

In women, this problem is present as ingrown leg hair or ingrown pubic hair around the bikini area.

Bikini Kitty is The Natural Way to a Smooth Pretty Kitty!"

A few products that you must have for shaving, if you are prone to ingrown hairs:

Bikini Kitty's Clean Up Kit: Complete kit for bump-free shaving.

March 24 '08


It's that time of year again, where we start baring part of our bodies that haven't seen the light of day in six months.


May 2, '08

In The Company of Sistas

The Purr-fect Bikini line


"For the first time since puberty I don't dread post shave irritation and the bumps to follow. My delicate areas are now delicate looking. A great addition to use in your daily beauty care regime. Share this hidden secret of bikini line loviness with your BFF."

- ITCOS '2 Cents'





Portland Picks

April 25, '08


Say Hello to My Little Friend


"We have previously shared our love/hate affair with waxing. We love not shaving—but we hate the pain, the humiliation, and the just plain nakedness of a nether-region wax. But certain products (and a shot of brandy) make the whole process so much easier. Among them, Bikini Kitty’s genius Waxy Kitten Care Kit.





"With all natural and paraben-free products specifically designed for their pre- and post-waxing skin care regimen, if you have problems with ingrowns or rashes from waxing, bid them bye-bye. Hello, kitty!"

- Portland Picks 'Chick Picks'


Home Spa Goddess

YouTube Spotlight

Video Review



"This is the purrr-fect gift for yourself or a friend. Get ready for the summer season with a little body grooming..."




January '08


Katy Shops:"I have the Bikini Kitty Kit and can’t begin to tell you how well these products work."
Chick Advisor:"This is one of the most comprehensive shaving kits I have ever come across."
A Pink Affair: "Bikini Kitty is the perfect solution to razor burn, ingrown hairs and overall irritation in the most sensitive of areas."

Fashionista: "Have you tried shaving and waxing and just gotten ingrown hairs or red bumps? Not quite ready to go with a laser down there? There is help. It's Bikini Kitty to the rescue! "

Nicolle Shops Portland- "Having perfectly smooth legs (or being kissed by your clean shaven Valentine) is very sexy!....

Girl's Gotta Spa: Beauty Review - "I did notice that (Bikini Kitty's Body Brush) really worked. Those ingrown hairs came undone in a few days."


The New Pink: Beauty , Gifts - "I tested out the products and stuck to the ‘Suggested Start-Up Schedule’ and have to admit that I was impressed. "

Portland Pick's #5 Chick's Picks - "Give your Kitty some boundaries! Great between waxing maintenance"

She Finds- 'Most Embarrassing Question' Answered - "How to tidy up 'down there'... "

Weekly Beet: Natural Beauty & Health -"We Love Bikini Kitty & Dirty Dog Shave Kits"



By  Jenny Block



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