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Get what the PROs recommend for home care of your purrr-fect wax job!


Testimonials from real Bikini Kitties

I'm a Professional Sugarist... :) And a dedicated Bikini Kitty Advocate!!! I will be including Bikini Kitty in my kits. So expect a slew of new clients!

-Liberte' Skin Wellness


My winter trip to the sun was saved by Bikini Kitty! I didn't realize how much I needed Her... until the swim suit came out! Yikes. Thanks Bikini Kitty!


"Your system is the best system and giving me the least irritated results thus far.
I have to hand it to you lady, you have an amazing product line!"

- Rose

"I feel because you give such detailed instructions is why along with the products this system is working which is a MASSIVE breakthrough for me!! Thank you!"


"I have finally begun Laser Hair Removal - but now I can't wax... and shaving was a nightmare! Bikini Kitty's Shave Kit has saved my skin! I highly recommend this kit for a smooth shave!"


"My waxing clients LOVE Bikini Kitty's Express Exfoliation Kit! It smells great - works wonders and they get such great results from their waxing... It's just amazing!"



"I would not have believed that the Kit could work on my course, ethnic hair - but it works like a dream! And the products all smell and feel great!"

- Jen

"There is a lot of random information out on the web - but Bikini Kitty put the tools, products and the right information all in MY bathroom! This rocks!"

- Jamie

"Bikini Kitty's shaving kits are great! The kit gives you everything you need to get the results promised."

- Kate

"My husband has already 'borrowed' my Kitty Kit shave products! He has very sensitive skin and he says it's the most soothing shave he's ever had. No rash or irritation, he looks great!"

- Lizzy

"I have problems even shaving my legs without getting razor rash. Bikini Kitty's [No-Bump] Brush is the answer! It WORKS!"

- Beth

"I will be replenishing my Bikini Kitty Kit forever! I just took a trip and packed Bikini Kitty first - I won't shave without her now!"

- Leslie

"Bikini Kitty's Kit is just what I needed; information, tools and the right products - all in once place! Why didn't anyone tell me about the 'correct' way to shave this delicate area before?"

- Sami

"I love the smooth results I get from my kit - and well, so does my husband! On to the no-bump bath & body products!"


"I feel ready to face the world in ANY new bikini this summer! No red bumps! I am public presentable!"


"The EveryDay Magic Kitten Spray is perfect! It keeps my sensitive skin clear and smooth - and I haven't had an ingrown hair since I started using it!"

- Ell

"I could never find the right mix of skin care for my ethnic skin. Dirty Dog has just what I needed. And what looked like acne - is gone! I can shave whenever I want to now!"


"I love the natural ingredients. They smell fantastic, not medicine-y - and my boyfriend likes them too! He's getting his own kit next!"

- Josy

By  Jenny Block



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