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Aromatic Sexual Stimulant

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Kat-Nip & Fetch

Kat-Nip - Packaged and labeled for women

Fetch - Packaged and labeled for men

Is this a pheromone?   No.   Pheromones are created by the body as chemical signals that are picked up by the Jacob's Organ, a primal part of the nose. Pheromones usually have no detectable aroma.

Kat-Nip & Fetch are stimulators. They work as trigger aromatherapy from your nose, to your brain and has been shown to increase blood flow to the genitals. This type of stimulationcan help to create improved arousal, increasing sensation and satisfaction.

Is this a perfume?   No. Kat-Nip & Fetch are meant to be used as aromatherapy, meaning you only need to have small whiffs of the scent reach your brain- you do not need to perfume your entire body - or the room for the scent to work it's magic.   Body heat helps release the aromatherapy scent so wear it 'close and low' on the body - like your belly button - or hip.

What does it smell like? Kat-Nip & Fetch do smell the same.   They where created from the research done by Dr. AR Hirsch in Chicago.   These studies showed that the aromas of black licorice/anise and vanilla increase blood flow to the genitals of both men and women by up to 31%.   This was the result, even if the participant did not particularly 'love' the scent mix.   It was a simple, scientific chain reaction.

How can I build on this 'Chain Reaction'? Start by using your Kat-Nip & Fetch when you know you are going to engage in some stimulating activity - either alone or with a partner.   Follow the direction on the Kat-Nip & Fetch label.   Using this method, you can quicken response time it takes for the aromatherapy effect kicks in.

The creation of Kat Nip & Fetch is based on the research done by Dr. AR Hirsch at Chicago's Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation: Read LINK

Read an interview with Dr. Hirsch about the base of Bikini Kitty's chosen oils at Beauty Huile

By  Jenny Block



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