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Bikini Kitty's Beauty Blog / Winter 2014 '15

BEAUTY BLOG Winter '14/'15


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Check out some of the great beauty tips Bikini Kitty has gathered over the years! These little bits of information are tested and true.

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Winter '14/15

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Beautiful Lashes for All!

I always want my clients to be as HAPPY as possible with their goodies. And mascara is one of my personal passions. I see that about 90% of my clients don’t know the tips and tricks I share with them about mascara:

1) NEVER pump the wand into the tube - makes chunky, clumpy mascara… Not what you want!

2) WARM up the mascara - just keep it against your body for a bit - or in a cup of hot water.
This tip saves time, makes the mascara more malleable and eliminates clumps.

3) Always look DOWN YOUR NOSE at the mirror - this is the angle a makeup artist makes a client look to get the best application. It puts your lashes at a 90-degree angel away from your face ensuring full coverage.

4) For every 5-6 swipes up - do one or two swipes from the TOP, down. This ensures the TIPs of the lashes get a good coating.

5) Pick your mascara by the type of BRUSH you feel most comfortable with. It’s like picking a bra - no one can tell you what fits best… You have to like the feel of the brush/wand.

6) Brush your OUTER lashes like you are pulling them out over the top of your ear… This creates the wing effect - it’s in the stroke you apply (not the brush).




If you want to go FULL GLAMOR:  How to do False Lashes

After watching about 30+ Lash Application Videos on YouTube - with none of them truly covering ALL of the bases on this subject I feel it's time to give you the real dirt on false lash application:

False Lashes – What you need to know!

1) Slide lash off its form with your thumb. Do NOT pull it up from one end, this will misshape the lash’s band and abuse it’s curve. Remember this same technique when you take them off at the end of the night, this way you can replace them to their box/form and you can use them again!

2) Put the lash up to your eye and see if it needs to be trimmed. ONLY trim from the inner corner. Too much lash will poke you in the eye each time you blink! Liner will ‘hide’ the start and stop of the lash – so, please, DO TRIM!!

3) Line your eye with any black liner and apply one coat of mascara.

4) Take both ends of one false lash and gently manipulate it like a Slinky toy… One end up the other down, about 4 -5 times. This will ‘relax’ the lash band so the curve will conform to YOUR eye #shape. Check your length again to see that the lash finds a good resting place BEFORE you glue.

5) You can use blunt edge tweezers to hold and then deliver the lash to your eye. Put a spot of lash glue out onto the plastic lash case and using a wooden nail stick or the stem of a q-tip (not the fuzzy part) apply a good line of glue to the band of the lash. Glue will dry clear.

6) Wave the lash about for about 15-20 seconds for the glue to set up and get tacky. This is a very important step – you don’t want to have to hold the lash to your eye while it tries to dry!

7) Holding the lash at the center, start pressing from the outer edge of your eye, to the center and on to the tear-duct. THIS IS WHY PRE/PROPER TRIMMING IS SO IMPORTANT!

8) Press down on the lash so that it sits as close to your natural lash as possible.

9) Do your other eye.

10) Once things feel set – smudge in any more liner you might need to hide any skin ‘gap’ between your natural lash and the false lash’s band

11) Apply one more coat of mascara to marry your lashes with the false ones.

12) PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE – Do not attempt this for the very fist time at 9pm on Dec 31!







*Remember, these are suggestions for you to research on your own and apply as you see fit. I am not a doctor. This should not be taken as medical advice. Thanks!


By  Jenny Block



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