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AUG 2015

Tag: Bites & Bruises


Summer in Bikini Kitty Land

The Bites and Bruises of Summer Fun!

As summer rolls to an end, you’ll be getting out-and-about for some of these last days of fun in the sun!

But wait, what is that?  A beautiful bruise on your arm from chasing after your dog down that rocky cliff?  A fine selection of mosquito bites to compliment your tan?

How do you show of perfect skin while the weather still demands short skirts and slinky tank tops? Bikini Kitty has some tips for smooth sailing right through the end of summer!

Mosquito Bites:

Mother Nature might be bringing these little ankle bitters to your door – but she can also be a great source for natural repellents. There are so many good alternatives to chemical repellents you'll want to do a little investigation and testing on your own. Many are not proven, but still show promise. Check out the web for more natural tips and tricks from Mother Nature.

Planning a Garden Party:

Clear out any standing water from your yard.  And don’t forget to look UP.  Gutters can be the perfect ‘nursery’ for the next generation of mosquito around your house.  If you have a pond, consider treating it with the natural larva killer in Mosquito Dunks.  These easy to use little 'donut' treatments are killers for the Mosquito but safe for fish, pets and people to be in and around. 


Testing. 1, 2, 3. Testing:

There is an abundance of folk-remedy, skin biting deterrents and urban myths that swear by Garlic, Vitamin B and even dryer sheets to keep from getting bit in the first place.  Most doctors and scientist agree that there is not much evidence for any of these actually working effectively.  Consumer Reports just put out a study that rates the oil from Black Pepper to be on par for repelling insects without the chemicals found in DEET. "The active ingredients in the top repellents are chemically synthesized compounds that are similar to or come from natural ingredients. The secret sauce in the best-scoring Sawyer product is picaridin. - Consumer Reports; May 13, 2015"

Stop scratching:

I'm lucky, I don’t feel myself getting bit much – unlike my husband who is a mosquito magnet… However when I do have bites, one of the best tricks to keep from itching is treating the area with a very hot washcloth for a minute or two.  This seems to dull the nerve endings and calm the itch better and longer than any other trick I have tried so far.  Just pop a damp cloth into the microwave for a few seconds (DON’T BURN YOUR SELF) and then cover the bites till the cloth cools.  It’s amazing how well this can work for quite a long time, like over night or all day at work!


Bruises may 'look' like art:

But they are not very pretty! Summer is time for tons of physical activity and a good spill usually is just par for the course.  A bruise can ruin a perfectly good summer look.  Although, just like mosquito repellents, there are numerous folk-remedies and advice on how to get rid of bruising.

Tips that you should keep at the top of this list: 

Ice the area ASAP!  If you can, keep the bruised area up, above your heart for the hour after your spill.  Know that if you usually take aspirin, you will bruise more easily in the first place.  So, if you need a pain-reliever take an anti-inflammatory instead. 

Taking a tip from ‘dark circle’ eye creams, the ingredients of licorice and horse chestnut can help clear out stagnate, pooling blood from a bruise just like it does for under eye circles.  Topically applied Arnica gel is reported to help reduce swelling and pain from a bruised area.  It is said to be the secret of professional stripper/dancers.  Recent studies show it’s more effective if it is also taken internally. 

So watch that steep cliff and keep an eye to the west for 'sunset' mosquito - but most of all enjoy these last days of Summer!




Happy Summer!




*Remember, these are suggestions for you to research on your own and apply as you see fit. I am not a doctor. This should not be taken as medical advice. Thanks!


By  Jenny Block



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